Sunday, August 29, 2010

MUST READ - ELF TRANSMISSIONS - WHO We ARE and What OUR World IS - How We are Controlled - Getting Back To Who We ARE!

This is seriously an Amazing Book, Read.

I will continue to add portions - as I continue to read this most amazing work!

The authors had gotten a portion (112 pages) on the internet, they did not finish the book, as they disappeared and have not been heard from since.

This information corresponds with all that I have read of Ancient History to information from the Hidden Hand.

Portions that have meaning to me:

The Big Lie is that we cannot create, but that we must project our own internal power and authority outside of ourselves and rely on the guidance and authority of Church, or State, or Lord, or any other of the forms of "gods" that have been indoctrinated into our beliefs for many thousands of years. The truth is that we are the creators of this realm, and we can recreate it in pristine perfection at any time that we awaken and reintegrate our full capacities. The truth is that the male principle is the component of our divine wholeness that structures form in any dimensional construct, and it is the female principle that energizes that form into life. Neither can exist without the other, and creation itself never can bring forth of itself without the integration and balance of the two principles. 

we have been taught that a spiritual being is one who is not involved with the material world, that we must be selfless and removed from the world. This is quite convenient for those beings who have had their way in ruling and controlling everything here for so very long. Remove the beings who might be capable of doing something to change the world by making them think that by being focused on themselves or fully engaged with the material reality, that they are being selfish and therefore unspiritual: What a convenient way to keep us disengaged and withdrawn. This must change, and change it certainly is and continues to do so as evidenced by the millions of individuals worldwide who are demanding to know the truth and unyielding in their commitment to follow things through to the desired result, as well as many millions more working in the myriad of ways to improve life for all beings on Planet Earth. The only way out is in and the only path to freedom is expressed in the classical dictum, "Know thyself."

If it cannot come fully into the body then it will experience the illusions of separation and can be manipulated by fear and issues of survival based on that fear. It can be controlled and the life force that comes through that incarnate form can be continually drained and used for other purposes, which in effect, are directed towards building the constructs of the prison to maintain that control and separation and life force draining actions. This is what we see in large scale today on planet Earth. 

in knowing that we are made up in these bodies of carbon, and carbon in turn consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, we find that the crucified, castrated, schismed and polarized Christed solar presence of our divine wholeness has indeed been holographically imprinted onto the number of the beast, 666, and therein, in individual and physical terms, we discover the nature of our prison in this hologram. We also begin to understand why death fear and body shame and other elements of societal control that we have been indoctrinated to from the moment of our birth play such a profound role in perpetrating our separation from Self.

We were designed to be the instruments of on-going creation, to delight in the joy of creating and living in the infinite abundance of our creations. We were never designed to be afraid, to be limited and controlled.

But, just as when one places a group of pendulum clocks in a room and start them all at random rhythms, they will within a short period of time become entrained into a sympathetic rhythm and move flawlessly together as a rhythmic whole, at the same pace, rate and synchronization, so too can this be done with the once independent and individualized units of consciousness that have now become socially adapted, mindless and will-less projection units entrained to create that which is externally applied upon them as reality construct. In other words, to entrain the creator consciousness in all of us to believe that we live in a world of lack and limitation, based on fear and survival, and therefore we must kill or be killed, consume or be consumed, destroy or be destroy. We are taught and entrained to think that something outside of ourselves is the cause for our feelings of separation, so our religions teach us that any other form of belief or religion is not only wrong, but must be in fact the reason we are separated from “God” which is simply a metaphor for the inherent sense of separation from our own Selves, and hence anything thus responsible for such separation much be destroyed or it will destroy us. Because we inherently know that we are not whole, we are so easily misled into these beliefs and the actions of violence and rage that inevitably ensue from such beliefs. The knowledge of frequency control and consciousness entrainment has become a science and an art on a planetary level at this point in time, to entrain our collective projections of “reality” onto a false hologram based on false principles of lack and limitation, fear and separation. The results are what you see all around you occurring today.

From these must we first unleash ourselves from such binding constraints. To do so, simply center oneself in a meditative state, go inward and call upon your true and only Solar Christed Self, or however you wish to name or denominate such, the only requirement being a full and absolute recognition that you need no outside approval or authority to allow this to take place, that you alone are the controlling element and any preconceived concepts, names or judgments about what your full divine Self really is must be discarded completely. Then upon that foundation declare your intention to be free and sovereign in this and all other realities and universes. Then declare that you are forthwith rescinding any and all vows such as vows of poverty, chastity, bodhisattva vows, oaths of allegiance, fealty, subservience, and so forth. Feel and embody this declaration and allow it to truly permeate your entire being, with passion and commitment to your True Self. Really feel it as the shackles and bonds of illusion fall away from you. Declare to yourself, inside and out loud, “I hereby rescind any and all oaths and vows, throughout all time and space, that I or any other incarnation of my whole larger Self has taken, in this reality and universe or in any other parallel, alternate or separate reality or universe.”

Declare yourself to be a sovereign being, one that retains full rights and responsibilities, full power and authority over yourself and your reality, including and founded upon the principles of self-governance, self-responsibility, self-generating capacities, self-sustaining life force and self-correcting processes as you return back to wholeness and balance. A true sovereign being embodies and lives upon these principles, and honors the life force and equivalent foundational principles in all other beings, not projecting their power and authority outside of themselves and taking full responsibility for all their acts and deeds, thoughts and manifestations. Upon that foundation we become free and sovereign beings and can no longer be controlled by outside forces, and upon that foundation first our individual reality will begin to rearrange itself to accommodate this new found freedom, and then the larger whole will in turn begin to entrain itself around the center point of such higher organizing principles as we come more fully into ourselves.
Know thyself and to thine own Self

Each of our readers has a part in the revelation and by reading these discourses is embodying the understanding and activating the release mechanisms buried deep within their genetic crystalline matrix where the revitalization of these memories has lain dormant for a very long time. This, then, is the apocalypse, but contrary to the fear based interpretation of that word, it literally translates to mean revelation, opening up and bringing forth.

We must also fully understand that everything in this domain is essentially utilized to prevent or delay that from happening because it is known what the power we will have when we do fully embody ourselves. But it must also be understood that all of those distractions, distortions and undermining forces are only able to engage and distract because we have something internally within our own landscape that they can hook into. Therefore, anything and everything thus encountered, when taken as an opportunity for growth and clearing and realigning more to our wholeness, is a positive event in our return to that wholeness. Whenever it is taken as an external enemy, then our consciousness immediately becomes polarized with the external reflection and we have lost the opportunity and we are stuck in a hall of mirrors from which there is no escape. Truly, the only way out is in!!

One of the most central components of this structure is what we have already mentioned as being the “enemy construct,” for it is an absolute maxim that when a being is split within itself, it can and will always be controllable by virtue of the creation of the illusory context of an enemy that is projected externally and thereby engaged in what seems like an unending and eternal dance of polarity. That is why the axiom “There are no enemies, only opportunities,” is one that is also central to the underlying theme of this book, and is something to contemplate long and hard. For if one takes this position that there are no enemies, but only opportunities, then all externally manifested appearances of the enemy construct will be looked at, understood and worked with as simply a manifested illusion of one’s own inner schisming. Therefore, when one encounters what appears to be an “external enemy” the higher path is to take such encounter as an opportunity to meet the dark twin of one’s own inner split and to work with it accordingly in order to heal it and thereby reintegrate into balance and wholeness that part of one’s self that formerly appeared to be set apart in an externally manifested illusion of separation and struggle.

There are no Enemies, only Opportunities!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Truths To Live By - What I have Learned and Understand Recently

For over a month now... I have been working on a raising of Vibrations and Energy and the Laws of the Universe in understanding more. It gave me a Leap in the direction of understanding more within every cell of my being of how We are ALL ONE and How We Need to Focus on All the Positive and Not Negative!

There are many books etc. about all of this.... But I am also giving you what I have learned in My Truths and What the Truths of the Universe are - over the Last month.

There are people who are awake and aware - though smaller in size than those who are asleep, the awake and aware provide more energy into what is going on in the world.

If you take that understanding, then you take that step to understanding, What we FOCUS on then materializes, for us in this world we are currently playing our part in.

It has been an interesting journey for me, many things that I have been stuck on have started shaking loose.

One, is a forgiving of myself and Forgiving of others for ALL perceived past occurrences of which we have either done or have had done to us.

Forgiving is an Important Start for all concerned!

Funny, I have for years gotten upset with myself for things I did when I was a child or 30 years ago or 40 years ago... etc. I remember all those things I have done to others and would get really upset and embarrassed over them. I would often groan and make noises when remembering what I have done or said. My daughter would ask "why did you just do that"? I would just say... "making a noise for the fun of it". Doing this has inhibited my growth, because I was constantly upset with myself over it.

I have also remembered things others did. But now, by Forgiving others First and Feeling that Forgiveness with my being - I am now easily able to Forgive myself. It is amazing the release and Peace that comes with the forgiveness for all, including self.

I have been working on intently meditating and Feeling the Oneness of us All and the Oneness with the Universe/Earth and ALL That IS!

One of the other things.... in knowing that our Focus/Energy and Vibrations are part of what ends up manifesting on this Earth, I have decided that I will NOT Focus on any of the Israeli Mistake information, along with those other Negative thoughts/predictions. I won't be separated from reality, BUT I WILL Focus on Love, Peace and Harmony regarding the situations.

I can tell you, an inner Peace is coming over me.... that I have never had Before - Understanding the Most Simple and Basic TRUTHS of the Universe and WHO We ARE does amazing things.

I have read for many years about Universal Truths, though as I might have tried to incorporate them.... I never fully did. Then "something happened" last month.... that propelled me into more of an understanding. Though what happened, was simply a wrong perception on my end.... it was still a catalyst to an Understanding that I now am Fully embracing as never before and Understand all those things I have read before much better.

When you think about previous predictions throughout time.... It always said.... BUT People can CHANGE the outcome, of these Predictions.

I DO Understand that Now - We CAN CHANGE The Outcome of ALL Predictions! It is Through our intentions and Energy our world is Shaped!

Notice how TPTB keep us in Fear.... Always another Threat/War etc. They are doing this with the intentions of keeping our vibrations in Fear and Turmoil, they do not want us to Know the Truth of the Universe. They ARE Afraid of us! We DO have the Power to Change our World!

For the last month, I have been intensely working on trying to raise my vibrations and energy and fully realize - We ARE ALL ONE with ALL there is and Everyone! What happens to those in Pakistan, China, Haiti, etc. happens to us all in energy and vibration.

When we ask for ALL to be healed - then we are Healed ourselves.

We ask for prosperity for others... we too receive prosperity.

We ask for Happiness for others... we too receive Happiness

We ask for Love for others..... We too receive Love

We ask for Joy for others.... We too receive Joy

We ask for Peace and Contentment for Others.... We too receive Peace and Contentment!

Ask For Others.... Receive for yourself!

This is Real.... this is our Universe... We are ALL ONE!

Truths Are - What Happens to YOU - Happens to ME - We Change our Vibrations and Energy - We Change the World!


OH - What is Really Cool...... Do the Chant and Meditation in Water (OOOHHHHMMMM, AAUUUMMMM)---- with your ears underwater.... the Sound is Amazing! It is amplified 100 times over and the vibration is Awesome! If you don't have a pool, do it in your tub! I am blessed that I have a pool and I have spent many hours in it now... floating - chanting - meditating. I can't fully explain how it feels that my cells seem to be changing!

Yeah.... another "out there" post from Me.... But these are Truths as I have learned them over the Past Month! I am thankful a certain perception happened... though wrong.... because these truths have now been fully Realized by me... due to that situation! I will constantly Try and Live by Those Truths and Understandings I have come to.

 I just wanted to post my experience and understandings of the last month, from my own point of view!