Monday, November 29, 2010

Videos/Sounds/Chants/Mantras for Raising Your Vibrations - Music of the Soul - Chants - Meditations - Yoga - Sanskrit music/chants - Beautiful Music

These are all videos I have listened to and meditations I have followed as described, I have personally found them wonderful. Listen to the ones which feel right to you.

I have to say - I Love this video - OM Aum - deep sound - 54 repetitions. I put this on my I-pod and will listen to it over and over again - this is suppose to be the highest words/chant for raising our vibrations.

WOW - When I listen to this one, for some reason I get very Happy and Joyous! I really Love this One!

I followed along and did this meditation as said in the video. I found it wonderful for myself.