Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video - Asking for a Miracle in Japan - My Miracle Story that happened to me! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

I did a video asking for people to focus and ask for a Miracle for the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

I also tell my miracle story that happened to me in 1996 in Atlanta.

I had such an amazing miracle and should not be alive today.  What I did not express in the video is the fact I walked out of the hospital when they finished all the test.  I also did not express the fact I felt the angels hands protecting me as I was hit by the car.  That is the only explanation of why I could possibly be alive today but also in my not having a brain injury or anything that day.


I am asking everyone to come together in LOVE for each other the Earth and the Japanese people!  I BELIEVE through our focus of LOVE and prayer we can make a difference and a miracle can happen at the nuclear power plant!

We need to do this now!  I am asking everyone no matter what religion or what you believe or don't believe to still sit quietly and send Love and Light to Japan and imagine a miracle happening in stopping the nuclear power plant from melting down, exploding or releasing any more radioactivity!

We can do this but we need to do it together.  We need to stop letting others control our emotions and focus of our thoughts in division, hate, anger or any other negative emotion.  We can change our lives our world through honoring each other, honoring the Earth and through positive thoughts.

Look within yourself, we have come to a point in time on this Earth we are ALL needed!  We are needed to save our Earth through Love and asking for Miracles.  I am asking you  to believe!

I am a private person in many ways, but the time is now for each of us to open up and help try and save our Earth and each other.

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