Friday, June 3, 2011

Awesome Healing Video 22 Minutes - Worth your time - I highly recommend it!

I just did this and I do feel clearer. I highly recommend it. It is a healing video in all ways.

An online book I recommend

I highly recommend this book, it is online and free to read.  You may think it is off beat and challenge your thoughts regarding religion.  I found it very insightful and since I have researched ancient history and the origins of man, Earth and religion, I found it to be mostly truth for myself and pretty much the same as what I have read before about our history. 

It is a very spiritual book, it is about lifting us up and what is real and what is not.   After you finish reading it, then watch the video inserted below.  It is Ann Eller, who worked in the Clinton administration and has had many experiences with ETs and it is about information given to her from them and at the 1 hour mark she starts giving information about Planet X/Nibiru.

of Michel Desmarquet

This may seem as a fairytale - but read it all, and you will recognize a lot of wisdom. If this is all a fabricated story - it is though filled with ancient and spiritual knowledge and wisom of a remarkable kind. And their claim to be hermaphrodites (and much more here) fits with the spiritual science of Martinus - from his very deep wisdombooks from almost a century back.

The Ann Eller video, talk about ETs and Planet X/Nibiru.