Monday, February 25, 2013


I found this on a website, I don't remember which one.  But I wanted to put it here.  Print it out and say it everyday, aloud and with meaning! 


I am that which I am 
I am love, and I love all and All love me
I am happy, and happyness loves me
I am peace, and peace loves me
I am healthy, and health loves me
I am wealthy, and wealth loves me
I am free, and freedom loves me
I am successful, and success love me
I am protected, and protection loves me
I am by The Source and The Source loves me
I am that which creates, and that which I create loves me
I am of goodness and goodness loves me
I am healed, and healing loves me
I am the power, and power loves me
I am confident, and confidence loves me
I am positive, and the positive energies loves me and fills me
I am creative and creativity loves me
I am in connection with my higher self, and my higher self guides me
I am declaring these affirmations to all aspects of myself and existence and so it is.
I am a magnet attracting all that which I have stated above, and I love it all.
I am that which I am

And so it is

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