Monday, February 25, 2013

A True Experience I had of Divine Intervention and a Real Life Miracle. Learning Loving and Forgiving

I have had divine intervention in my life. One was such a miracle that I absolutely should not be alive today and at the very least I should be a vegetable. I have also had medical conditions and miracle recoveries, that others have instantly died from. 

I am writing about this because I believe in the New Year we can/will have miracles in our lives and we can also be a miracle for others.   

Before I tell you about the biggest "miracle" event of my life, I will briefly mention the two medical conditions I have had that people normally die from. I had pulmonary embolism which is where blood clots go through your heart and into your lungs. David Bloom died from it at the beginning of the U.S., Iraq invasion. I had 4 clots all together go through my heart and 2 went into each lung. I was in the hospital for one week after having the condition for almost a week before going in.  

Then I had bacterial meningitis a few years ago. The last person to have had the same type as I did, was in ICU for 6 months from what the doctors told me. I was close to death when the doctors finally found out what it was, as I had been going to one after another including the emergency room for one week, until finally I went back to the emergency room and it was mentioned to the doctors to check me for meningitis. I was in the hospital for one week only, even though it was a condition that normally took months of a hospital stay and recovery. 

Now, for what was an obvious divine intervention by God and miracle of my life where Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia had never seen a person survive before me.  

In 1996 I was in Atlanta Georgia on business. I was a representative for a big and popular furniture company. I represented them in the Caribbean at the time of the occurance. At the end of the day during the Atlanta market, another rep and I decided to cross the street to go to a place to eat on the other side of Peachtree avenue which runs through the heart of downtown Atlanta. As we stood on the side of the street the 2 lanes of the traffic was stopped from a stop light farther down the avenue. I did not know that the street had 3 lanes of traffic going in one direction and only 2 going in the other. The other rep and I decided to cross the street in the middle of the street, we had watched 2 other people do it and there was a policeman standing there and we thought if they didn't get in trouble then we could do it too. We decided to make a dash for it while the traffic was at a standstill and before the cars began going though the light had turned green, down the road. The cars coming from the other direction were just beginning to come down our way so we figured we could make it before they got to us. 

So.... I jumped off the curb to make a mad dash. As I mentioned I did not know there was a 3rd lane of traffic, so I dashed between the 2 lanes of stopped cars and ran into the 3rd lane of no cars, I did not see the car driving an estimated 30 miles an hour in the lane. I was told about it later but I did not see it. 

The next thing I knew I was in some type of a conference room and I remember sitting down and "executives" sitting around the oval table having a conversation with me. I don't remember what was said, but it "felt' like I had been going in the wrong direction and I needed to change my direction in my life. I still can see the table and feel the conversation but not what I was told. I began hearing my name being yelled consciously. I tried to open my eyes but everything was blurry and my head hurt very badly. I had no idea why I was on the ground, I only knew that my head hurt.  There seemed to be a lot of people around me at that point. I heard some sirens briefly but I was in and out of consciousness. I then heard someone asking me where I hurt. I was able to say "my head, my head." I don't remember anything else until I was in a room and having my clothes cut off me. I became awake at that point and opened my eyes to see a white room with about 10 people around me in white doctors and nurses outfits. I asked why I was there and what happened. A doctor told me that I was hit by a car. I remember going off and questioning "How is that possible? How was I hit by a car? All the cars were at a stand still." Over and over I exclaimed I didn't understand how I could have been hit by a car. After that time of becoming alert and I was on a board where I could not move my neck, arms or any part of my body as I was strapped down in every way. 

   A friend and colleague from the furniture company that had been walking out at the same time as the owner of the company and all the sales managers who happened to hear a big thud and see a person flying through the air from what they told me. I went 30 feet in the air into the other lanes of traffic, right before the cars were at the spot from the other side where they would have hit me too. She came in and got my jewelry and described what she saw to me, as I was still confused on how I got hit by a car, she said she rode in the ambulance with me.  She said I was saying things in the ambulance the whole way to the hospital.  She said it was lots of mumbling and couldn't understand what I was saying.  I needless to say was not aware of any part of the ride to the hospital.

I stayed alert as the doctors checked me out and said I needed X-rays and a cat scan on my brain. Once I stayed alert the ambulance EMT came in and I remember the doctors left the room. He looked at me and said "I have never seen anything like this. Do you understand that you should not be alive at this moment and for you even to be alert and talking is something beyond what I have experienced before. I have been a ambulance EMT for years and have never seen anyone live after being hit by a car as you were." He continued to tell me "You can throw a brick at the windshield of a car and it will not break. Do you know that you put a hole in the windshield of the car with your head and you broke the windshield completely out of it's frame?" I said I did not know that and I had not seen the car at all before or after. 

When a hospital worker came and rolled me to the X-ray area. He was telling me "I can't believe you did not even break a nail and you don't have a scratch on your face or anywhere on your body, except for one of your heels where your shoe flew off. I have never seen anything like this." At that time I was complaining that my neck hurt because I was strapped down by my head still and that I really wanted to get off the board and free from all the straps that were on me everywhere. I remember he laughed and shook his head. He said that he wheels people to the X-rays that fall off bikes and have their faces scratched up and broken bones and others tripping on their own feet with scratches and I got hit by a car, but no scratches. The X-rays showed I did not have a single broken bone in my body and they X-rayed every portion of my body. As soon as the X-rays were over, I asked the guy who rolled me there to please unstrap me and get the uncomfortable board from under my body. I remembered he laughed and said "You are unbelievable." He did unstrap me once I was back in the emergency area of the hospital. 

After the X-rays they then put me in the hallway to wait for a cat scan. I remember the hallway being filled with people on stretchers and it seemed there were people from the jail with medical issues as there were guards standing by some of them and the people were handcuffed to the rails of the stretchers. I had to wait for 12 hours in that hallway, my sister and the rep who was crossing the street with me, waited at my side. When I think about it, I believe they waited those hours to do a cat scan on me, because if there was nothing wrong they would have to release me right away and I am sure they did not really want to do that, this way they were observing me without putting me in a room or taking up a needed emergency room spot for critically ill people. 

A sister of mine lived in Atlanta at that time. I was staying with her at her condo during the market time. That night she was suppose to be out on a date and she said for some reason she got involved in something on her computer and lost track of time. When her phone rang she looked at the time and realized she was late and began rushing out the door. She was not going to answer the phone but stopped in her tracks and thought... she should answer the phone after all. That phone call was from the rep who had been with me and he told her what had happened. She needless to say canceled her date and came to the hospital.

When they finally got me into the cat scan room and did the scan, they said that my brain looked fine and there did not appear to be any swelling. They advised me to get an MRI in 2 weeks time for follow up reasons. I walked out of the hospital 14 hours after being hit by the car. 

I walked out with only a very small scratch on my heel of my foot, other than that I did not have another scratch on my body nor a broken bone or head/brain problem. 

My colleagues called me and said described the car and what happened to me. Since it occurred just as everyone was coming out of the building and for them to see it happen. I was told the vehicle was a big Cadillac and that I had gone up on it, smashing the front end and breaking out a headlight and dented the hood. My head smashed into the windshield and I had put a huge hole into it and at the same time broke it out of it's frame and it was laying on the dashboard of the car. I was told they saw me fly about 30 feet in the air in front of it and landed in the other lanes of traffic. They said that cars slammed on their brakes that was just arriving at that spot from the lights and literally missed me by only feet. If it had happened seconds later I would have been run over by cars coming from the other lanes. 

Two weeks later I was in Nashville, Tennessee and made an appointment with a neurologist for a MRI. When I went to his office and met with the doctor I told him what happened and why I was there for an MRI as a follow up. He treated me with disdain and had a look of disgust on his face. He had a major attitude towards me and it really teed me off in how he was treating me. As I explained why I was there, he would just go "sure, uh uh" with attitude. When I finished he said "I will be back." He left me in that room for 20 minutes. I was really getting pissed off. I do not do good just waiting around and his attitude was horrendous towards me. I was ready to walk out of the office when he came back in. 

He had a completely different demeanor than he had previously. In fact his face was pale and he did not have any type of negative attitude, it seemed he was also "seeing" me for the first time in how his eyes looked at me. 

He sat down and said "I did not believe you at all, earlier. I thought you made up that story for some bizarre reason." He continued saying "From that story you gave me, no one would be alive, so I thought you were lying." He then asked me if I was familiar with Grady hospital? I said "Well I was there just 2 weeks ago." I still had an attitude as I was still pissed off from waiting and his demeanor towards me earlier. He said "Let me educate you about Grady Hospital. They are the number one trauma hospital in the south and they see about 500 people a day in the emergency room." I looked at him...waiting for him to get to the point. He continued "I called them, because I did not believe you were even there nor what you said happened. When I was transferred to the emergency room and asked for them to look up your file, the person that answered said they didn't need to. The woman said that the whole hospital was still talking about how they had all witnessed a miracle as never seen before at the hospital." The doctor continued saying "She told me that everything you said really did happen and you told me the truth about it all. They want me to call them after the MRI and let them know the results of it as everyone at Grady is interested." He then said with compassion which he had lacked earlier, "I will give you that MRI now." 

The MRI showed my brain in fine shape without any problems. 

The only remnants I had of that car hit was I stuttered a bit and was not my hyper self for about a year. I was slower and my speech was a little impaired. But I remember one day about a year later, I got excited about something and a bit of my "old" personality came back. I realized at that moment that I had lacked that excitement and personality for a years time and was thrilled to experience it once more.   The stuttering stopped and I became my old self which my friends were happy to see I was having those "fits" (hyper moments) again.  I want to say right now.  I have not done anything to deserve the miracle I received.  I am still trying to figure out why it happened to this day.  I can only hope that I am doing some things to be worthy of it.

I wrote about this because we all have miracles in our lives. Some are more profound than others. 

 When I want to give up on things, I will think back to that miracle, I do feel I was taken in the hands of angels and was obviously protected. I didn't just live from it, I had an absolute divine intervention that was profound. It was a profound miracle because absolutely nothing was wrong with me and I walked out when I should have been dead.

 When I do remember it as I have today, I ask "Why am I here? What am I suppose to be doing? What is my purpose? Am I fulfilling my purpose for that divine miracle?"  I don't know if I am or not. I do know that every time I try and walk away from this blog, because it is a hobby that I don't make money from and it takes a lot of time. (You will notice there has been 2 weeks at a time I would not post anything) I have tried giving this blog up and I will say "No more." 

Yet then I am compelled through some event or another to come back and put my heart and soul and everything I have into it. Does it do any good? Am I making a difference? Am I just helping create the fear/hate/division that those who try and control want people to feel? I have a lot of conflicts about it at times when I write about what is happening in the world. I do not want to play into the hands of the dark side in keeping people in fear. 

I have lived the majority of my life without LOVE for myself. I even think of things I did 30 years ago and so on that were dumb and I cringe over them. Thoughts constantly come to mind of stupid stuff I did and said in my life. I have also looked in the mirror and have felt I was ugly most of my life. I could never look like all the people in the advertisements we are bombarded showing us how we should look. That right there is a set up to never feeling we are good enough or look good enough for us to Love ourselves or someone else Love us. Everything around us to create "unloving" feelings about ourselves and others, it is by design that way. 

A few months ago I finally began releasing it. What is most important I began "forgiving and Loving myself." I had no idea what forgiving and Loving yourself could do. It is still "work in progress for my loving myself fully."  We have all done things that we are not proud of. There is one thing we need to remember, we were perfectly created. We are perfect souls that in truth are LOVE AND LIGHT! We are living on the Earth to grow into that LOVE that God created.   When past dumb things or even current things I have done come to mind, I release them with love and forgiveness and know it is part of my journey in Love for self. 

When fear and worry wells up in my solar plexus, I am imagining shining a light on it and letting my angels/guides take it with light to release it elsewhere. 

I have never been able to meditate, I have tried but my mind will go into many thoughts and things I have done in the past. I know that is the way to truly know oneself. It is the way to enhance our natural psychic abilities of which we all have in one degree or more and in one way or another.

I have mentioned the Quantum K  in other articles I have written in the past on this blog. It is something that does work on your sub consciousness. It tells you that at the beginning. It works on reprogramming yourself from the hate and worry to the Love, forgiveness and truth of who we are and releasing all the negative. It has made a huge difference in my life in helping me grow out of the darkness. I believe in it and I believe it is done in the pureness of Love to sincerely help us. It is not a dark force but a Light force to help us grow and release the programming that has been done to us by those who try and keep us in the dark. 

The Universe is RICH and every one of us have a right to be wealthy, healthy, joyous and at peace! Stop reading about lack of money and start feeling the abundance of money. I used to feel the need to put myself in other people's "shoes" to fully understand the despair and so on they felt to have full empathy for them.  A few months ago, I realized that was a problem for me and that was why I too, I have had lack. I was going down instead of up in feeling for others and their situations. My having lack does not do anyone else good. I also realized it is where we should bring each other UP and for all to experience the wealth of the universe and to help each other in that respect.   So I made the commitment to not go down to "feel" what others are feeling but to try and help others rise UP to be who they are and to have all that is our God given right to have. 

Once we Love ourselves we can help others, Love themselves and raise themselves up in Love and Forgiveness of self. We then will be shining our lights upon the darkness which can not survive. There is no darkness where light is. 

I am asking all who read this to please Forgive yourself and to Love yourself! That is where it starts. Once you understand you will make mistakes you will do and say stupid stuff, but you are a Beautiful and Perfect soul that is living in a matrix created to make you feel bad about yourself and to never know yourself. 

The energies of truth are upon us, it is up to us to see the truth, live the truth and help others understand the truth. We are ALL beautiful souls of oneness. We all may have the best experiences during this life when we make the determination to live our lives in truth and Love and Forgiveness. 

As hard as it is to forgive yourself, you must forgive all others for anything they have done to you too. No matter what it is, forgiveness is the way to Love and to a joyous, peaceful and prosperous life on this Earth. 

When we also radiate love and forgiveness to those who try and control us, we are claiming our lives for ourselves. They can not control us unless we give them permission to do so. We give them permission by allowing them to keep us in fear and worry and division besides hate. We stop the permission through Love and forgiveness even to them. 

Everyone is at their own point, everyone is ready to understand this when they are. We are all at different points in understanding. I am just beginning to understand and try to work on it. I know I fall many times and I have to make every effort to try and remember Love and forgiveness, as it is easier said than done. But I am going to try and that is the point. Even when we become the most unloving and acting people we have to step back and forgive ourselves and keep going forward. 

Those who try and control us has the power, by us being in fear. They have created all these things at this time to keep us in fear and worry. To have us focus on hate, worry and division instead of Love.

As hard as it is to try and stay in Peace and Harmony they have created a matrix where we focus on everything else and to keep us from going within to know ourselves and who we are.

God created us and this Earth for us to fully enjoy and grow and to experience the best. Those that have controlled it, understand the ways of God and the universe. They are the dark side. 

There are a small percentage of the dark side on the Earth. There are more of us that are of Light and Love, we just don't radiate it because we are kept in the material concerns. The strife they "create" is by the dark to have us divided. 

I get caught up in the worries yet I strive to keep in the understanding of LOVE and what is real. I know the universal laws are "as you think so are you." It is not just thinking but it is feeling. 

God did not create the Earth for us to live in Hell and hate. He created the Earth and Universe so we could experience the beauty and magnificence of it and who we really are.

If you notice the crisis of all things have seemed to have accumulated at the end of 2012. To keep everyone's energy in turmoil, fear, hate, worry and crisis mode. This is so we don't absorb the energies of Love, Light and truth of which we have just entered on December 21, 2012. We entered the Light/day side of the milky way and have left behind the night/dark/asleep side. We began this transition a few years ago as the energies began to change going into the awake/day/light side. Think about when you woke up to what is truth, think about when the biggest problems began and the world began to be in constant crisis mode.   This full transition will take a few years too, but it has started. 

When we all begin to put our energies into Loving and forgiving ourselves and all others, our world will change into that as we think and feel!

We are creating the world around us!







I found this on a website, I don't remember which one.  But I wanted to put it here.  Print it out and say it everyday, aloud and with meaning! 


I am that which I am 
I am love, and I love all and All love me
I am happy, and happyness loves me
I am peace, and peace loves me
I am healthy, and health loves me
I am wealthy, and wealth loves me
I am free, and freedom loves me
I am successful, and success love me
I am protected, and protection loves me
I am by The Source and The Source loves me
I am that which creates, and that which I create loves me
I am of goodness and goodness loves me
I am healed, and healing loves me
I am the power, and power loves me
I am confident, and confidence loves me
I am positive, and the positive energies loves me and fills me
I am creative and creativity loves me
I am in connection with my higher self, and my higher self guides me
I am declaring these affirmations to all aspects of myself and existence and so it is.
I am a magnet attracting all that which I have stated above, and I love it all.
I am that which I am

And so it is