Thursday, January 27, 2011

Attraction of What you Deserve/Want in Life - this is the REAL Secret!

I watched and listened to  "The Secret" video over and over again while doing a project on my home.  Years ago I purchased "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" and read that many times over.  That book is based on spiritual principles of attracting what you want in your life.  It worked for me for a time, too.

I can tell you "The Secret" did not work for me at all, there was/is something missing in it, also it never felt quite right to me.

I have come across what I believe in my heart and soul is the actual answer to getting what you Deserve/Want in life.  I say "Deserve" and that is what we should always say instead of "Want" in attracting something into our lives.  Using the word ""Deserve, you feel it, using "Want", that is conditioning you to always Want.

I have been reading "The Law of One" and in the 27th chapter, I believe I found the REAL answer to manifesting what  it is we each Deserve!  I believe we can create in our lives everything we Deserve, once we feel it through Love.  Though many say it is "Bad to Love Money", we have believed that.  BUT I don't believe that anymore!  I believe by Loving Money, it will come easy and effortlessly, otherwise by not loving it, we repel it.  Thus when we Love anything, it is then attracted to us!

We feel and visualize it THROUGH LOVE!  Feeling the LOVE of what we DESERVE - feeling the Love for What we would like - be it Money - a partner - Joy - Happiness - etc.....  FEEL it WITH LOVE!  SEE IT WITH LOVE!
Below is from the 27th book/portion of the Law of One!
Ra: I am Ra. Again we reach semantic difficulties. The vibration or density of love or understanding is not a term used in the same sense as the second distortion, Love; the distortion Love being the great activator and primal co-Creator of various creations using intelligent infinity; the vibration love being that density in which those who have learned to do an activity called “loving” without significant distortion, then seek the ways of light or wisdom. Thus in vibratory sense love comes into light in the sense of the activity of unity in its free will. Love uses light and has the power to direct light in its distortions. Thus vibratory complexes recapitulate in reverse the creation in its unity, thus showing the rhythm or flow of the great heartbeat, if you will use this analogy.
Questioner: Then I will expand a bit more on this concept. We have the infinite vibration of Love which can occur, I am assuming, at varying frequencies.

I would assume that it begins at one basic frequency. Does this have any meaning?

Ra: I am Ra. Each Love, as you term the prime movers, comes from one frequency, if you wish to use this term. This frequency is unity. We would perhaps liken it rather to a strength than a frequency, this strength being infinite, the finite qualities being chosen by the particular nature of this primal movement.

Questioner: Then this vibration which is, for lack of better understanding, pure motion; it is pure love; it is nothing that is yet condensed, shall we say, to form any type of density of illusion. This Love then creates by this process of vibration a photon, as we call it, which is the basic particle of light. This photon then, by added vibrations and rotation, further condenses into particles of the densities we experience. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Then this light which forms the densities has what we call color. This color is divided into seven categories. Can you tell me if there is a reason or explanation for these categories of color?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last complete question of this session as this instrument is low on vital energy. We will answer briefly and then you may question further in subsequent sessions.

The nature of the vibratory patterns of your universe is dependent upon the configurations placed upon the original material or light by the focus or Love using Its intelligent energy to create a certain pattern of illusions or densities in order to satisfy Its own intelligent estimate of a method of knowing Itself. Thus the colors, as you call them, are as straight, or narrow, or necessary as is possible to express, given the will of Love.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Violet Flame - Decrees and Information

I AM the violet flame

I AM the violet flame
In action in me now
I AM the violet flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame
In mighty cosmic power
I AM the light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the violet flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God's sacred power
Freeing every one

Violet is the highest color of enlightenment, by intentions of wrapping ourselves within the violet color helps us stay in a better frame of mind and place of Love.  

A Process and Post I did on my Main Blog about Anger - Reproducing it here.

I am reproducing a post, I did on my "Questioning All" Blog today.  It is about Anger. 

Anger a Worthless emotion that does not get results nor does anyone good. I was engrossed in it the last few days and I am sorry.

I feel the need to post about anger.  I know anger so well, if you look at my last few days of posting, since the information about the Federal Reserve taking our rights away of holding banks accountable for fraud, you will see I have been full of anger.

I am putting this post here and not in my "Positive Vibs" blog, due to the amount of anger I spewed the last few days.   

I had been in a very dark place the last few days, I had been full of anger at all those who have control over the populace and using the control to depress the people.

I am awakening from the negative emotions of anger. It is a very dark emotion, which does not get us any positive results.  If we dwell on anger and let it rule us, then we lose and those in power win.  Anger and fear is what feeds those who would like to control us.  That is why we are bombarded with negative information from various sources.  Fear and anger is how we are led down a path by others, they need that emotion as the overwhelming feeling of people for that is the way they lead us to where they would like to take us.

Where as the emotion of Love and Positive energy is what those in power do not know how to deal with and they are not able to control us when we live in Loving intent.  I fully believe our power and the way to overcome any suppression is through living with the "Christ Consciousness".  The "Christ Consciousness", in my opinion is understanding we are able to create our world and we are able to influence our world through living in Love.  I do believe, if we had the faith the size of a pea, we could/can move a mountain.  To me, Christ told us "We too can do as he does, we simply need the faith and understanding".  To me, that means living in Loving intent and Knowing we are capable of working miracles is through our right frame of mind.   Anger is not the frame of mind which accomplishes anything, it only takes us down.  

I was lost for a few days, I let outside influences control my emotions, I was so down in the rabbit hole I could not see the light.  But I have also decided to claw my way back up, to the light and to positive emotions and outlook, knowing we are guided by a much higher power and we simply need to embrace the light and love around us and in us and let that be our guide and way forward. 

Though I will post about negative events or happenings, it is not my intent to keep people in the negative, it is my intent to give others an understanding.

I sincerely believe by all of us, working through our energies of anger, hate and any negative emotions and turning those emotions in to Loving intent for our Earth and each other we will prevail and we will arise and break the chains of those who wish to keep us enslaved in their matrix of negative emotions.

We all go through many stages in our lives and hopefully we all learn from those stages, where we keep growing in a better understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.  When we go forward with the intent of Love for ourselves, the Earth and all others, then no outside force can control us.

We will continually make those choices in how we shall lead our lives and we will have situations where we will need to make a choice in which way we shall be led.  We will have the choice of darkness or light, it will be up to our own free will.  My intent is to live in Love and Light, without the fear and anger ruling me.  Will I be perfect at living in the Love and Light emotions?  No, I have no illusions, I will not feel fear or anger at times.  But, as long as I/we don't wrap ourselves fully in the negative, then we will be taking steps forward.  

I do ask, others join me in working on the intent of Love guiding us.  Love for each other, Love for our Earth and Love for Truth.  Through the positive guidance of Love and letting our higher power lead us, we literally can change our world.  We accomplish many things through Love, we accomplish nothing good through fear and anger.

My intent is to accomplish helping others and our Earth by helping myself through understanding Love is the only way forward, Love is what is real, Love is what makes us feel good, Love is what gives us a bright future.  I have so much to work on in understanding Love for myself and for all others, as it is not easy, but when there is intent on the positive to guide us, we will walk in the Light and Love of our higher power.

I will keep my angry posts up from the last few days, as they show the darkness I was in and the process which has led me to publish this post of choosing Light and Love, instead of letting the anger and hate take me fully down the rabbit hole.  I do believe the energies of the world are changing, we feel them changing and those in power have brought many things to a climax of everything seeming to fall apart at this moment in time, to keep people in fear and anger. 

So, I ask others.... does fear and anger make you feel good?  Do you accomplish anything living with those emotions?  Do those negative emotions get you positive results in your life?  The answer to those questions are... No.  They only take people down.

But, stop and feel Love..... Love for yourself, Love for the Earth, Love for all others..... How does that make you feel?  When you stop and have the intent of Love, no matter what the situation, positive results come through. 

Thank you to all who are reading this and please forgive my overwhelming anger which was so obvious in my postings since Thursday.  I am sorry, I may have taken others down a rabbit hole with me in anger and hate through the posts.  I will work on trying to keep my posts in a positive loving light in giving knowledge of information and not doing it through the emotions of anger.    Even though there will be negative events and situations, when we keep our focus on Light, there will be nothing we can not overcome.

I sincerely believe - You and I are One - We each have the abilities to create and shape our world around us.  I do believe in all of our prosperity together in every way!  I believe in YOU - I believe in ME - I believe together we can and will be unstoppable in creating a better future!